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Entreposage Canal Mini-Storage Montreal

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4710 rue St Ambroise
Montreal, QC H4C 2C7



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U-haul Transportation Hourly Service
Services on Movelinx
U-haul Transportation Hourly Service
Truck $ 29.95 (15') $ - $ - /hr
Charge for distance $ (0.69/km) included ✓ included ✓
Damage coverage $ 15.00 included ✓ included ✓
Environmental Fee $ 1.00 N/A N/A
Gas Cost $ (10 mpg) included ✓ included ✓
Dollies & furniture pads +extra included ✓ included ✓
Movers or helpers None Optional ✓ included ✓
Total Charge $ - $ - $ - /hr
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  • Had a wonderful experience with the moving company. Punctual, efficient and professional. Would definitely recommend to a friend.

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    • Joyce L.
  • Simple and professional. Our driver had over 25 years experience and also knew shortcuts to get to our new place during traffic hours. Defiantly using Movelinx again.

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    • Maks M.


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