About us

Movelinx is the free online moving marketplace that connects you to hundreds of moving companies across Canada. In just a few easy steps, you’ll be able to search, compare, and hire professional movers based on their availability, competitive pricing, real customer reviews, and their overall service rating.

Whether it’s transporting a single oversized item or a whole house of furniture, you will find a host of reliable local movers waiting to respond to your logistic needs. And because we carefully screen all service providers, you can be sure they are properly qualified to handle and transport your goods, safely and efficiently.

Movelinx is the first platform of its kind in Canada, with a price comparison and customer feedback rating system dedicated to the moving industry. We are continually expanding our network of service providers so as to provide you with the best moving services in the market.

Behind the Wheel

Behind every successful idea is a vision, and ours is one that seeks to make a positive change in the moving industry, by creating a greater awareness and transparency of its service delivery and pricing.

We understand the limitations faced by consumers when it comes to assessing movers and the unethical practices they sometimes encounter with unscrupulous operators and we recognize the need to improve customer experience within the moving industry by offering customer support in an integrated system. This led us to develop Movelinx, Canada’s first online platform where consumers can search, hire, and share reviews of their engagement with movers.

Movelinx was designed to introduce a healthy competition into the logistics market, which leads to better price deals for customers. Our priority is to make moving services truly affordable to everyone while rewarding honest moving companies with the high customer ratings they deserve. For these reasons, we keep our commissions low for each transaction passed through our system and put our focus on customer satisfaction.

At Movelinx, we want to create a useful platform to connect customers with reliable movers, and to serve the community with integrity.

The Drive

At Movelinx, we are driven by a strong desire to serve the community, by offering a service in which consumers can benefit from a system of pricing transparency and information sharing.

Our mission is focused on saving consumers time and money when it comes to moving bulky items that require special transportation and delivery. We do our part by vetting movers and moving companies, performing accreditation and insurance checks, so as to ensure only trusted movers are listed.

By integrating the services of the entire moving industry into one convenient location, we aim to become the first point of contact for all your logistic needs.